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Statement on refugees

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria acknowledges:

  • the challenges presented to governments by those seeking refuge by irregular means

  • it is lawful and prudent for a country to maintain its sovereignty

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria believes:

  • it is incumbent on all citizens to promote the welfare of those within their territory

  • Christians have a duty to love and care for those in need (Philippians 2:4)

  • the treatment of asylum seekers should be governed by God’s command to show kindness and not oppression (Zechariah 7:9-10)

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria urges governments to:

  • where possible, both process and accommodate asylum seekers domestically

  • ensure asylum seekers are treated humanely

  • keep processing time-frames reasonable

  • avoid unnecessary delays to legitimacy claims

  • provide access to all benefits and privileges commensurate with recognised citizens when and where refugee status is granted.

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria commits to:

  • address the physical and spiritual needs of refugees as opportunity and resources permit

  • give ‘honour to whom honour is owed’ (Romans 13:7)

  • pray for ‘kings and all who are in high positions’ (1 Timothy 2:2)


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